Monthly Archives: August, 2012

We Have Rolled Out Our New And Improved Website

We recently re-designed and now have rolled out our new and improved website.  Please visit at and tell us what you think!

This Is What We Like To Hear From Our Clients!!

We recently concluded the successful defense of a client who was improperly accused of selling grey market goods and trademark infringement.  Through an aggressive litigation strategy, we were able to obtain complete dismissal of the case against our client with minimal attorneys’ fees.

Our client was extremely satisfied with our work.  When the order dismissing his case was entered, he sent us an e-mail saying the following:

” I want to thank you for all your assistance

I will recommend you in future with highest approval

You are great attorney!”

As is true of all of our firm’s clients, we were pleased to provide excellent representation to our client in this case and congratulate him on his victory.

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