A Greatly Appreciated Testimonial

As we recently reported, Greg Goonan (the founder and managing shareholder of The Affinity Law Group) has been recognized as one of the Top Lawyers of 2013 in the category of Business Litigation by San Diego Magazine.  This recognition prompted the following testimony from Randy Linnell.  Mr. Linnell was a co-defendant along with a client of The Affinity Law Group in a breach of contract and business tort case that went to trial in the Fall of 2010.  We are proud that Mr. Goonan and his trial team, working along with the excellent lawyer (Gil Cabrera) who represented Mr. Linnell, were able to obtain a complete victory for our client following a two-week jury trial, and then obtain an award of attorneys’ fees of nearly $300,000.00.

Mr. Linnell posted the following testimonial in response to learning of Mr. Goonan’s recognition as one of San Diego’s Top Lawyers:

“Congrats to Greg and his associates and staff for this well-deserved honor. It’s great to see one of the “good guys” being recognized for their excellence. I’ve found Greg to be capable, honest, fair, ethical, well-prepared, and very deserving of this award. Greg’s refreshing in a field that too often thrives and preys on lack of directness and deception. Way to go Greg!”

Thank you for the kind words, Randy, your testimonial is greatly appreciated!

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